The ONF OpenFlow driver
Repository guidelines

The libfluid project is formed by three repositories:

libfluid version system

libluid_base and libfluid_msg are the core libraries. Their releases will be based on a annotated tag based on a commit. The version policy will follow the Semantic Versioning specification. The first version of libfluid is v0.1.0.

The libfluid repository itself does not feature versions. It points to minor releases of both libfluid_base and libfluid_msg. Its content must always be stable in the master branch and it must always work with the releases of libfluid_base and libfluid_msg it is using.

When the libfluid repository is bootstraped, a patch version will be chosen for a the minor version it's configured to use (e.g. if it's declaring 0.1, and there's a 0.1.5 release, then the v0.1.5 tag will be chosen). If is run with the dev flag (as in ./ dev), the master branch will be used instead of a stable release (useful for development).

What should I use?

If you just want to get started with libfluid, try the libfluid repository.

If you want to use only libfluid_base or libfluid_msg (they don't depend on each other), you can clone their repositories directly. You can also choose any tagged release in these repositories.

How should developers work?

Developers working on libfluid should clone libfluid_base and libfluid_msg directly and work on that. If you use the libfluid repository, make sure you bootstrap the repository with the dev flag so that the master branch is kept as the selected branch:

$ ./ dev

Features must be developed in branches and be merged into the master branch only when they are ready for a release.

External developers can submit pull requests in a branch. They will be reviewed by the libfluid team before accepting them, and eventually merged into the master branch.

Simple patch (bug fix) commits can be commited directly on the master branch. Other changes should be developed in separate branches.

When the master branch is considered to be good enough, a new version will be tagged.